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The Global Gender Intelligence Assessment

The Global Gender Intelligence Assessment

Self-assessment is a critical starting point to addressing cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of our gender-pervasive world. The Global Gender Intelligence Assessment is an adaptation of the Global Diversity Survey, focusing on gender. It is a valuable online self-assessment tool to help men and women better understand gender, become more inclusive, and provide strategies for how to improve effectiveness in key aspects of work and life.  Given the global disparities between men and women, this tool should be useful and of interest around the world.
The advantages of having a gender intelligence tool is that it can be used across all organizations and all cultures and can help measure individuals (and baseline organizations) against the best global insights and practices around gender.  The tool provides strategies and action plans to improve insight into, and inclusion of, gender, as well as providing adaptive ways of working with mixed gender teams. Since so much of our work life consists of mixed gender teams or groups, this would appear to be a high priority.

The assessment is primarily designed as a developmental tool to help further personal and professional growth through gender intelligence. The strategies and action plans outlined in this tool are meant for thoughtful reflection and application but are not provided prescriptively as the sole approach to building gender intelligence. The GGIA was developed by Barbara of Annis of Gender Intelligence and Alan Richter of QED Consulting.