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GDS Versions

There are two versions of the GDS - a general version for employees or staff members, and a leadership version for those in leadership or management positions.
Both versions use the same items and model, but have different strategies and action plans. A Spanish version is also available.

On-line licensing and pricing:

  • Up to 250 users: $25.00 per survey
  • 250-999 users : $20.00 per survey
  • 1000+ users: $15.00 per survey

Over 3,000 users, please call or email for pricing.

Contact for online licensing and survey instruments:

Alan Richter
41 Central Park West
New York, NY 10023, USA
Tel: +1 212-724-2833
Email: gds@globaldiversityservices.com

Global Diversity & Multicultural Competence

"Global Diversity" provides a sound understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion and the impact it has on teamwork, motivation, productivity, quality improvement, etc. The course starts with a self-assessment -- THE GDS -- and then covers the meaning of diversity, culture and inclusion, the business case for diversity, and the connection to leadership and values.

Making a World of Difference is a one-day customizable program. Participants either take the GDS online in advance, or during the program, on paper. In addition, participants receive a detailed Participant Workbook.

The Global Diversity Survey

The Global Diversity Survey

The Global Diversity Survey is a self-administered, self-scoring tool that prepares you to embark on a journey of self discovery that will help you navigate your way through the diverse global landscape of the 21st Century.

The Global Diversity Survey builds on the well-known Head, Heart and Hands (H3) model (Robert Hayles & Armida Mendez-Russell, The Diversity Directive, 1997). Information is presented in three categories:

  1. Insight / Head
  2. Inclusion / Heart
  3. Adaptation / Hands

Scores are calculated for these three categories and for the three dimensions of Self, Others, and the World. Developmental strategies are then recommended for the nine category combinations listed in the GDS Matrix.

Technical Report

Download this technical report which contains information about the development of the Global Diversity Survey and its psychometric properties. The report also includes details about the samples of respondents whose input aided in its development.

pdfGDS Survey Technical Report

The GDS 3x3 Matrix

web matrix