Global Diversity & Multicultural Competence Online

Global Diversity & Multicultural Competence Online

The more connected the world becomes the more urgent the need to manage diversity effectively and build an inclusive culture. "Global Diversity" provides a sound understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion and the impact it has on teamwork, motivation, productivity, quality improvement, etc. The course starts with a self-assessment -- THE GDS -- and then covers the meaning of diversity, culture and inclusion, the business case for diversity, and the connection to leadership and values.

Making a World of Difference

Making a World of Difference is a one-day customizable program. Participants either take the GDS online in advance, or during the program, on paper. In addition, participants receive a detailed Participant Workbook.

The Program consists of modules that cover:

  • Insight into Differences (Head) focused on the "business case" for diversity, a framework for understanding differences, and becoming more objective about the world.
  • Inclusion (Heart) and how we become more sensitive, open to differences, and understand the meaning of fairness.
  • Adaptation across differences (Hands) focused on how we communicate and solve problems more effectively in a multicultural diverse world, and how to engage in personal and professional development, based on personal insights from the GDS.
  • The Personal Benefits to Making a World of Difference are…

    • To see the world with less bias or prejudice
    • To see beyond differences and work more successfully with people who are different from you
    • To make others feel they are fully contributing members of a group or team
    • To learn to act with openness, fairness, and a spirit of cooperation and generosity
    • To explore adaptive behaviors to better communicate and solve problems

    This is turn will make teams and organizations better able to…

    • Improve employee morale
    • Improve customer satisfaction globally
    • Innovate and problem-solve better
    • Increase organizational know-how
    • Strengthen the reputation of the organization.

Taking the Global Diversity & Multicultural Competence

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